Scissor’s Hands | Habif Architects

Commercial • 280 m² • 2006
Akatlar • İstanbul

Scissor’s Hands; It was designed as a dynamic and energetic hairdressing salon that combines male and female hairdressing concepts. In this place, which was revealed by the redecoration of a detached villa on the street opposite Akmerkez in Akatlar, the conditions that will provide a serene and calm atmosphere almost close to the home environment were designed by considering the most effective working style of the team, which consists of a very young staff.

First of all, natural materials were used together as much as possible, innovative and modern ideas were put forward about the act of cutting and combing the sheet metal, the placement of the necessary equipment and the most comfortable use of the space, and designs that will make a difference were created with brand new cutting modules. On horizontal and vertical surfaces, mosaic, stone, wood, glass and of course mirrors were used in a balanced way and proportions. The ground floor consists of men, the first floor consists of women, and the basement floor consists of service spaces and offices.

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