Ege Kimya | Habif Architecture

Office • 1500 m² • 2013
Kağıthane • İstanbul

As an architect, pushing the boundaries of materials and lines is always an exciting experience. The variety of forms is also shaped together with the requirements of each function. In this project we did for Ege Kimya, a corian producer, the most exciting material for us was that it allowed us to push the limits of form. We used it as wall covering, furniture, counter, divider, frame, lighting element, aquarium and we really had a different experience in every form and function. In the divider system, which we call the “igloo”, where four people can work, we designed every fixed furniture from a single material, from lighting to the table. Thus, we think that by combining the power of material and the power of design, we create both a pleasant working environment and an aesthetic and fluid office understanding. At the same time, we thought that there should be contrast elements, so we did not avoid using angular and circular forms together. Since we usually do office projects, the concept of “corporate identity” has an important place in our projects. In this project, the use of corian material, dynamic and innovative forms, plain and soft colors were the elements reflecting the identity of the company.

Photography: Gürkan Akay

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