Design Suites Göktürk | Habif Architecture

Residential • 3500 m² • 2014
Göktürk • İstanbul

Considering the contemporary design and application processes in house projects, which are the most important places of human life, the majority of larger, wider and multi-functional projects draw our attention. Of course, the fact that people tend to be bigger and more comfortable in the development process has a lot of influence on this.

In this project, we went in the opposite direction of this larger and more spacious house demand. We have conducted this study on how the maximum comfort of the end user can be ensured in minimum space dimensions on the lands that have gained great value in the developing Turkish economy. In this direction, we have examined this issue, what kind of way should be followed while designing with the minimum dimensions that provide comfort conditions.

The needs and demands of the changing society and the rapidly gaining value of land in metropolises such as Istanbul trigger housing prices that have reached inaccessible levels. With a very different approach, this project opened a new window among the vast housing projects in Istanbul without straining the purchasing power of the user.


Fotoğraflar: Gürkan Akay

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