The E Pool House, located in Bahçeköy Sarıyer, aims to create a serene and spacious living area within a space formed by utilizing the elevation difference of the terrain. Constructed with a steel frame, it is seamlessly integrated with the existing volume. The facade is covered with greenery to blend harmoniously with nature. The structure comprises an open-plan living area, a bathroom, and a storage room. The seating, dining, and fireplace areas are interconnected, creating an intimate unity. Its prominent feature is the high and wide glazed facade facing the linear pool, allowing ample daylight to flood in. Natural materials such as wood and concrete are used in their original forms, establishing a tranquil and comfortable atmosphere that disconnects residents from the city’s reality. The three-dimensional, textured cladding of the fireplace makes it a unique and distinctive element of the interior. The E Pool House offers a distinctive, airy, and bright ambiance, serving as a year-round escape from the city’s hustle and bustle.

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