SB Bebek House is a three-story apartment designed for a family of four, featuring breathtaking views of the Bosphorus and its unique architectural character defined by vaulted ceilings. Spanning an approximate area of 900 m2, with 700 m2 enclosed and 200 m2 open (terrace) space, the residence comprises a ground floor, middle floor, and rooftop.

Each floor is meticulously designed like a canvas telling a story. The ground floor emphasizes the warmth and unity of the family, the middle floor offers a spacious and inviting social area, while the rooftop aims to create a tranquil office atmosphere alongside a terrace for enjoying the scenery. The vaulted ceilings add character to the space, transforming the Bosphorus view into a source of serenity.

Internally, the house seamlessly blends a palette dominated by white and earth tones with the sea view, enriched by custom-designed furniture and select artworks. The positive energy and shared tastes of the homeowners played a crucial role in defining our sources of inspiration throughout the design process.

Summing up the essence of the house in a single sentence, we feel that describing it as “Harmony adorned with delicate details and an elegant, distinctive spirit” would be fitting.

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