The office designed for Indisol Technological Consultancy Company, which operates within the Oyak Group of Companies, emerged through a collaborative process combining the needs of the company and our recommendations, resulting in a harmonious working environment. Our primary goal was to reflect the young and modern identity of this newly established company in its workspace.

Spanning across two floors, the Indisol Office stands out with its simple design language, floor layouts that follow the structural character of the building, and the harmonious combination of contrasting colors. With an elliptical layout plan, this project features continuous circulation axes, devoid of the spatial hierarchy found in standard offices. Due to its spatial design, which is not divided by solid boundaries and is designed almost like a “co-working space,” there are no individual desks or rooms for office workers. Various interior architectural elements such as multi-purpose amphitheatre, group work desks of different sizes, open or closed meeting spaces, and work units resembling a cafeteria are integrated to create alternative working platforms within the space.

While the use of natural wood and industrial metal panels are felt in the material selections, warm and comfortable spaces are created with fabric coverings and carpets with different textures. One of the most important elements defining the project’s character is the selected color palette. The use of “monocolor” from carpets to wall coverings, from mobile furniture to fixed units, assigns a distinct function to each space, becoming an integral part of the corporate identity.


Design by  Habif Architects

Built by Sistema 

Photography: İbrahim Ozbunar

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