Standard Ünlü | Habif Architects

Office • 2500 m² • 2008
Maslak • İstanbul

Located in Polaris Plaza in Maslak, the 2500m2 Standard Ünlü Investment Bank has a large volume located on a single floor and has a separate entrance of its own. During the design process, our main idea was to integrate this single and large volume with the open office concept as much as possible, instead of covering it with walls. With the daylight coming from all four corners of the space, we took care to ensure that every space it contains is bright with the transparent glasses used in it.

It has been a priority for us that the general atmosphere in the bank bears the traces of the age, being modern and spacious, and at the same time making the staff comfortable. By not covering the existing high ceilings in the open office, we made the ventilation pipes look stylish and orderly, while we created the ceilings of the meeting and executive rooms by obtaining movable surfaces from plasterboard ceilings.

Fotoğraflar: Gürkan Akay

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