Ünlü&Co Office| Habif Architectue

office • 1150 m² • 2019
Maslak • İstanbul

We designed and implemented the second offices of Ünlü&Co, whose office we had previously built, in 42 Maslak buildings within the framework of corporate growth.

While transforming the office floor, which was previously used by another financial firm, for Ünlü&Co, we faced two main challenges: When we analyzed the space in its current state, the space with a diametrically opposite corporate identity in terms of design approach, Ünlü&Co’s modern, minimalist and art priority corporate space. We had to make it evolve. At the same time, the functional setup with much more closed compartments had to turn into the perception of a spacious space with an open space setup within Ünlü&Co.

In this context; While performing critical interventions for design and functional setup with fast and practical solutions, we identified and resolved structural problems arising from the current situation in the field, preventing them from damaging the project process.

As a result, we think that we have transformed the space, which is in a completely different situation from the targeted situation in design, technical and functional points, into a space that can belong to Ünlü&Co, without being affected by hidden problems that we encountered during the process, which could not be determined beforehand.

Photography: İbrahim Özbunar

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