Akasya Kültür Sanat | Habif Architects

Commercial • 1200 m² • 2016
Acıbadem • İstanbul

The project, which started with the idea of bringing together its visitors with culture and art inside the Akasya Acıbadem Shopping and Life Center, has become a self-transforming subject that gradually evolves with its content and functions.

While designing the building mass, an effort was made to come up with a solution that responds to this evolution, clings to its context, but at the same time differentiates, draws attention, and directly reflects its dynamics on its mass.

While handling the façade, the mass was approached like a work of art. A dynamic façade setup has been created that touches the third dimension with parametric design ideas, sits on a mathematical basis, and directs us to different solutions in materials and production. In order to strengthen this moving effect, an innovative material that can be perceived with different color tones at different angles and lights was preferred instead of standard aluminum facade panels.

The design of the interior was completely resolved as total spaces that allow various cultural and artistic activities to be held. It was aimed to show itself and to be noticed as a focal point, with a contradictory stance within the context in which the building is located.

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