Metrohm | Habif Architects

Office • 750 m² • 2018
Vadi İstanbul Bulvarı • İstanbul

Metrohm Turkey is a leading company in the chemical analysis instruments industry, headquartered in Herisau, Switzerland. As Habif Architecture, we have taken as a basis in the design of the new Istanbul-based offices, while maintaining the international corporate identity of the firm, and feeding it with the local ideas of the city in which it is located.

Metrohm Turkey management office, designed in an office area of approximately 750 m2 located in Vadistanbul Boulevard, is the first office floor to be designed and implemented in office blocks. As a settlement, it is divided into office management areas, open office working areas, meeting and seminar areas, laboratory, technical service, calibration room and technical areas. The circulation areas surrounding the core area of the building are planned and the spaces are located adjacent to the façade and benefit from daylight. The double glass modular partition system between the circulation area and the spaces has partitioned the interrelated spaces while maintaining the transparency between the spaces. The firm’s sensitivity to space acoustics played an active role in the selection of architectural systems.

Visual images designed for circulation areas play a major role in reconstructing and interpreting Metrohm’s corporate identity. In the images used in the office general circulation areas, the world and Istanbul map images are coded in the digital interface and transformed into a typology consisting of the letters ‘metrohm’. Thus, it is planned to take place in the spatial setup by emphasizing the corporate presence and locations of Metrohm company in the world and in Istanbul.

The general lighting, color and material selections of the office were made by preserving the corporate colors of the company in order to create a sterile and plastic effect. The general texture and coloring are planned using Metrohm’s international corporate colors, white and gray.

Photography: Gürkan Akay

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