The primary goal for the office design of Dream Games, a young mobile game developer, was to create a functional and minimalist workspace while also reflecting the vibrant spirit of Dream Games’ work.

The Dream Games Office is the result of a collaborative effort, with Dream Games actively and democratically involved in the project from the initial design decisions. Every aspect and detail of the office space was conceived through a collective vision.

To support team interaction during long working hours, the office includes open meeting areas, large whiteboards, a cafeteria, and recreational spaces. Additionally, areas were designated to showcase figures, toys, and books that reflect the common interests of office users, including their collaborative Lego creations.

Figures from Dream Games’ main game, Royal Match, were treated as artworks, finding their place as custom-made wall sculptures and framed paintings.

In conclusion, we believe we’ve successfully created an office space that reflects the colorful and fun aspect of the mobile gaming world while maintaining a balanced harmony with the minimalist, simple, and functional design lines that express the functional and logical aspect of the underlying software.


Photography: İbrahim Özbunar

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