Located on a windy hillside overlooking the sea in Ovacık village, Çeşme, the designed house offers an escape from the chaos of city life to a completely different world.

The house’s extensive program was fragmented into various dimensions, preventing it from dominating nature. Instead, these program elements were distributed across different masses, respecting the olive trees on the lower level of the land and the natural slope without interference, letting these masses follow the natural contours.

This tactful stance, achieved without losing itself within the land or overshadowing it, also created an open structure with its fragmented layout. The garden transformed into more than a mere area within the house; it became the main circulation space where rooms open up. The view, greenery, and nature became an integral part of daily life, visible not only through large windows but also essential to the living experience.

The interiors were designed in harmony and contrast with nature’s inspiration, dominated by earth tones, offering soft, deep, and luminous spaces. Natural stone, weathered metal, and raw concrete from the exterior were brought inside in their natural state, combined with warm wooden tones and textured plaster surfaces. Both indoors and outdoors, materials and elements were employed in their most natural forms with minimal processing. Accessories and artworks found their place in harmony with this sentiment.

In conclusion, the house’s harmonious integration with the land’s slope and structure enables it to offer different living experiences at various levels. It opens up to the garden, making it a central element of life.

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