Hebil Koyu İskele Konsepti | Habif Architects

Commercial • 950 m² • 2018
Hebil Koyu • Bodrum

Bodrum Türkbükü’nün Kuzey Batı’sında yer alan Hebil Koyu’nda tatil konutlarının ve sosyal alanların yer aldığı özel bir tesisin iskelesi için geliştirdiğimiz fikir projesidir.

It is the idea project we developed for the pier of a special facility where holiday residences and social areas are located in Hebil Bay, located in the North West of Bodrum Türkbükü.

In Iskele, areas where the residents of the facility can swim, relax, dock small boats, have food and drink have been designed.

All these functions, on the other hand, were requested to be separated from the similar ones of the pier and to be customized by gathering them under a dynamic top cover setup inspired by the rhythmic movements of the waves of the Aegean Sea.

The top cover, which will be produced from natural materials such as bamboo or twigs, stretches over the sea from time to time, creating semi-shade areas not only on the pier but also on the water.

It was proposed to connect the areas with different functions and structural features on the scaffold with a linguistic integrity, with the decorative and lighting elements extending throughout all areas. Swings hanging over the sea, hammocks stretched over the waves on the beach, gazebos in Thai and Tropical lines are used together, while strengthening the perspective of the pier perceived by the sea, and offering a rich function setup that offers different alternatives for guests.

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